Letters to Holly

Wednesday, April 6

New Additions

Memo: If you want to make yogurt in a crockpot, and the instructions tell you to insulate the pot with blankets, you must turn off the pot first. Otherwise, the plastics on the pot shell melt, and the yogurt burns onto the pot glaze.We now have a new crockpot. Yogurt was successfully made last night.

We also have a new printer. I was tired of questing for the cartridges for the Epson, and I got an HP printer that appears to use commonly found cartridges. Now I can make comic proofs at home. It's allegedly wireless, but seems to require a connection to a computer that's on for the wireless to work. That doesn't sound wireless.But it prints, as a printer should. And now I must dispose of a printer in addition to other old hardware. Like the crockpot we chucked yesterday.

Your Sister feels good enough to drive now. We see the ENT tomorrow.

Picture of the Day
I contacted the museum, and the requested original artwork will indeed go for an auction, and the bidders become eligible to win a trip. This is a really nice promotion for the convention. I've got my artwork idea roughly sketched. This is the classic Avengers lineup taking on Thor's brother Loki. Now that the party is an auction, I'm getting competitive. I want one of the high bids.

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