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Thursday, April 7

New Projects

We're still doing daily notes for the sidekick. We chart diapers and meals and small achievements. We've done this since she went into labor. You might remember that I grabbed a pad and jotted down the time since her water broke, and those notes grew through the delivery and recuperation, and just never stopped taking the notes. Your Sister is considering using these to star a book on childrearing. I have two initial reactions:

1) I know she loves writing nonfiction, stretching back to her university research papers. She's got documentation at hand. The boy is content to play by himself for an hour at a time. She has opportunity and motive. If this was a criminal scheme, she'd be Ma Barker.

2) She's ready to go back to work. I think her brain is starving for projects beyond the routines of cleaning and feeding the deputy. Her recent dizziness didn't help.Now that it's fading and he's more self-contained, she's got the itch to get to work.

Not that the childrearing books we have are bad, you understand. But they're dry. They also constantly mention all the ailments a baby might suffer, and it makes us paranoid. We think a baby book can prepare parents without panicking them. We fell victim to that a few times and felt like schmucks when we realized we were paranoid.

She asked if I knew how to get a publisher, and I mentioned the various magazines for wannabe writers at bookstores. I also said some pitches to publishers or agents involve forwarding the first chapters of a book proposal. That way the people who decide to buy a book know the writer is serious and capable. And I think she should sit down and find her tack and voice to see if she wants to see this to the end. She might burn out. I know I skirt that line when I work on projects.

The boy is starting to imitate. He can approximate small words like "belt."

I sketched out the museum art on an 11x17 board, and it went fairly well. I intend to make a detailed pencil drawing before tracing and inking that on another board. So far, this looks pretty good.

Picture of the Day
This is what 25 comic pages on art boards look like.

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Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see, admire, and read all the finished products mentioned here: comic books, to-be-auctioned-originals, and baby books!

industrious family.