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Wednesday, April 20

In the Home Stretch

I tried to scan the Avengers art yesterday and noticed the scanner's bundled software looked different. I hate this software. I access my scanner through Photoshop, so I don't need that other, ragamuffin software.This particular program is helpful to a fault. Whenever I open the scanner hood, the program boots up. But this week, that program's interface looked different, apparently having updated automatically via the wifi. Looked new, acted the same. Did nothing for me. And it scuttled my scanner access.

I couldn't activate the scanner through the program or Photoshop. Unplugging the scanner and plugging it back in didn't help. Using Windows to uninstall the software didn't help; in updating the software, the necessary files were moved, and Windows couldn't find them to erase. I had to find the files and delete them and find the driver online and install that. Now the scanner works via Photoshop and the bundled software is gone. Win-win, but I don't need that heart attack at this stage of the artwork. I told you the magic aura of machines is fragile.

I saw a proof copy of the comic this morning, and it looks pretty good.

They can't offer bleed on the cover, and that creates a margin of white on the art that I wanted to run off the page. That's a minor complaint, and one I can address in the next comic. The interior art looks better than last year's issue, and overall it's a good printjob. I'll have 150 copies by the weekend and was assured I'd have plenty of time if I later thought I needed more copies. I now need to make the fliers to put around Asheville, and the big job there is figuring out how much of a discount the detachable flier coupons will provide.

I'm also about 95% done with the Avengers art.

Picture of the Day
And here tis. On a whim I added Spidey peeking over Hulk's shoulder.

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