Letters to Holly

Monday, April 25

Beware My Power ...

We did very little after you left. The sidekick staggered around the deck with the panda roller, and I made additional sketch cards by slicing up art boards. We made a pizza and watched Doctor Who.

I still plan to pass around the fliers Tuesday, but now I intend to remove a few of their detachable coupons to suggest demand. The convention just released their schedule with parties the night before and immediately after the convention, including a drag show at Scandal's. I'm thinking I'll skip that; the drive home is too high a price for that time of night.

Moving Picture of the Day
The first true trailer for Green Lantern has been released, and it's impressively impressive.

Warner Brothers enjoys the success of the Batman franchise in cartoons and films and toys, but they only recently realized they have a giant library of hero materials in DC to make use of. Green Lantern is their first foray into the film genre Marvel has dominated (we won't count Jonah Hex as it was a western and a dud). This plays up the cosmic scope of the GL franchise, and that's something Marvel doesn't dabble in as successfully. It also looks like a lot of money was thrown at the film, giving comic fans the confidence that Warner and DC are really trying to reach the hero-film audience. Reynolds makes a credible-looking Lantern, and I'm glad they went with the Hal Jordan character. Earth as a handful of Lanterns, but Jordan is the most recognizable.

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