Letters to Holly

Thursday, April 28

Good Night, Bad Night

Your Sister was feeding the sidekick when I got home, and she was finishing up to leave for yoga. That left me and the boy to try again. I let him play and crawl around a bit. Eventually he told me when he was ready to pack it in by trying to climb up my legs. I bathed him and took him to the nursery with a bottle of milk. We read a little. He's good at turning pages when prompted. Before we could make a second run through the baby animal book, he turned into me and cuddled up. He was done. I fed him a little, but he wasn't into it so much. Maybe 2 ounces. I scooped him up, and he flailed with sleep spasms. He calmed down by watching the ceiling fan spin, and his eyes slowly closed, and he was asleep with his mouth wide open. I put him down, and he slept for a few hours. I cuddled him back to sleep around 9 and gave him a few more ounces before we went to bed. It was a much better night than Tuesday. And it proved I can again put him down for the evening. Victory.

Then the storms came in. We are fine. The house is fine. But it was a long, long night of hail and constant lightning. As I drove to work, the downhill we jogged Sunday morning was covered in debris suggesting it was covered in water throughout the night. That's a buncha water. Didn't lose power though. That's amazing. And the sidekick slept through it all. I am currently powered by coffee. I also am wracking my brain to come up with Mother's Day ideas for Your Sister.

I'm trying to add Amazon shopping cart to my website to sell the minicomics, but Amazon doesn't make it easy. Neither does PayPal. I changed my PayPal password in the wake of the massive Sony PS3 network hack that has continued to leave the gaming system without online access. That's a major selling point for the Sony system, and millions of folks are in danger of fraud and identity theft.

Easter Weekend Conversation-Related Picture of the Day
Here's Andrew Garfield (whom you saw in Social Network) as Peter Parker. He seemed very tall in that film, and Spidey is usually a small guy.

Moving Picture of the Day
Tarsem, the director who made such a splash with REM's Losing My Religion video and later The Cell, has directed a film that mixes Clash of the Titans with 300

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