Letters to Holly

Tuesday, April 26


While making sketch cards to sell at the convention, I realized I didn't much care for the Captain America sketch I did.

It's almost exactly the image I had in mind, but it came out weak. That mouth is distracting. It gives me "eh."

So I decided to try another angle, and it came out stronger, more dramatic.

And then I realized it was similar to the Wonder Woman I drew.

And I thought how easy and kinda fun it would be to make all the sketch cards from the same angle.  Like, say, Batman.

And now I have decided my con sketches will have this theme. I can sketch out the head template and fill it in with requested characters at the show. I can call them "head shots" or "face cards." This could be good.

I made the fliers, complete with random missing coupon slips, and I hope to put them in stores Tuesday during lunch. I'll also make some to post in stores around our house.

After the exhaustion of completing and printing the comic, I'm now jazzed again for the show. I have comics and a sketch gimmick.

Mad Rhymes of the Day
If one were a Beasties fan, one might hear their new album free right here.

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