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Wednesday, April 27

Flier Distribution Report

I took my lunch break to go to the Asheville downtown area to post my 8x11 flier in con-friendly stores. I went first to Malaprops, which displays a sign telling us hopefuls to hand our fliers to the front desk. I did so and was told they clear out the bulletin board every week. They do not maintain a "to post" folder of fliers for future events. And they don't clear the bulletin board on the same day each week. I decided to come back the week of the convention to post my flier. I didn't even get to the question of which one -- coupon or non-coupon -- to hand them.

True Blue, in contrast, has a "to post" folder for their TWO events displays: the interior bulletin board and the window storefront. I gave them both types of fliers, and they seemed keen on my notion of a roller derby/convention double header in the civic center.

I took the auction piece to the museum, and they seemed thrilled with the gesture. Didn't even look at it. Because I donated a piece, I'll get into the auction party/dance/kibbitz fest free. It feels weird releasing the piece into the wild. I haven't made a piece for an auction before. It's somewhat standard in comic conventions, but I haven't been on this side of the tale before. I had to assign a value to the piece for tax receipt purposes, and I settled on $70. Given my level of polish, I think that's fair.

I hit the comic store, and they took a coupon flier and appreciated the idea of randomly removed coupon slips to imply demand. I last went by Ingles and was told they clear their board at the end of the month. I'll wait until next week to post a flier there. Then I scurried back to work.

I looked at downtown with new eyes, seeing all potential display spaces. I'll post fliers on lamp posts with the band ads closer to time.

I'm now working on the table display. I need to pick up some pamphlet stands to hold the comics, and I need to make signs for the sketches and comic prices. I can use some items I bought for last year's table.

+  +  +

I had a bad moment with the sidekick last night. He wouldn't eat. He turned his head and cried to protest. It's food he likes -- sweet potatoes -- and he seemed to refuse out of whim, not out of fatigue or diaper. I got frustrated. I eventually ditched the spoon and crammed bites into his mouth with my fingers. Your Sister objected and took over.

I didn't think I was being mean. I've previously taken to holding his head steady to feed him, and we've both squirted him to focus him on the task at hand. But my interactions with him on weekdays are fewer now. I feed him supper and bathe him. That's it. Your Sister puts him down with nursing, and I have a few moments with him in the mornings. We don't have the number of connections that he does with his mom. We're on a simpler and limited exchange, and when I see him at night, he's sleepy and often cranky. If I didn't get food in him, I'd get bumped. If I did it the way she didn't like, I'd get bumped. I have a very small window of success and a limited time to figure it out. How did she get him to eat? By waiting him out. I was impatient. I'll do it better tonight, if she'll let me.

The thing that I most appreciate about this kid -- the thing I wish I could replicate -- is his natural ability to treat each day with a clean slate. No matter how bad the previous night was, he holds no grudge the next day. I have too many grudges. I have a grudge orchard. I'm not proud of this.

Picture of the Day
Lady Gaga and a classic Disney villain. I'm not what I'd call a fan of Gaga, but I love the production on her songs. As pop music becomes indistinguishable from house music, her material at least has an edge that surpasses Katy Perry's, who plays cheeky and coy. Gaga funnels anger in her songs, and I gravitate toward that, but she's not afraid to enjoy herself. Perry, in contrast, wants us to watch her enjoy herself. She's an exhibitionist where Gaga is a showman. There's a difference.

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