Letters to Holly

Wednesday, November 9

Time Change

We think he's adjusting to the new clock settings. He's waking up later in the morning now after a few days of waking up earlier than we wanted. He's not as cranky on the commute home when it would normally be after his time to eat. We stuck to our plan to give him the same food we eat, saving us all that time used for food preparation, and we're trying to teach him to use a spoon properly. He's slow to pick it up. He's also not yet intentionally saying words, and that's concerns me a little. He babbles all the time, yet when it comes to identifying specific items, he relies on the same simple vowel outburst. He can make a variety of sounds, seemingly the entire alphabet, but he hasn't figured out to consistently make sounds for specific items.

Wait, he does say "blluh" for "umbrella," and he makes the vroom noise for all motors. We just introduced him to the vacuum cleaner -- the loudest motor in the house -- and he's delighted by its roar. He knows it sleeps in the closet, and he wants to visit it always.

I'll feel better when he's using something approaching words. He's clearly bright, if we do say so, but I worry he'll have some developmental communication trouble. Then I remember he took forever to walk, and he was running immediately after.

He finished the antibiotics, and his nose is no longer running, as it did for about two consecutive months.

Picture of the Day
Spooky-ooky necronauts.

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