Letters to Holly

Monday, March 19

The First Draft Was More Entertaining

My eyes are dying from inking. Also, my pens are dying. But my eyes have seniority. I inked three pages this weekend, a surprise to me what with all those $!@% buildings I put in the background. Seriously, the next comic takes place in the desert. I don't have a subconscious reference for skyscrapers. I didn't grow up near them. They are alien architecture. Might as well be cathedrals. Luckily, I'm getting into the action half of the comic, and it's a parade of big people panels.

I was able to get as much done because Your Sister took the deputy out and about between smothering thunderstorms.

 ... And the blog just ate my long blog post.

+   I dusted off the lawnmower to get it ready to work.
+   I churned the compost pile to get it ready for the garden.
+   I cooked a new recipe (see the Doom blog later today) with an egg provided by a neighbor chicken.
+   Thanks to our tax refund, I am set for the conventions this year. Thank GOD. And Obama.

Picture of the Day
Here's the unfortunate Goldfinger gal.

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