Letters to Holly

Friday, March 23

Neighbor Eggs

I bought the deputy a book shaped like a school bus yesterday. It has wheels that let him push it as if it were a bus toy. He's latched onto his cement truck toy to the point that he carries it around and plays with it in his high chair. Makes it tricky to get the spoon to his face with this bulky toy in the way. I figured a smaller toy would make feeding easier, and he could carry it wherever he goes. Not only does he adore this thing, but now he can say the word "bus." He took it to bed last night. He played with it the entire way to school this morning.

We returned the egg carton to our neighbors yesterday. They had given us eggs from their chickens Sunday. This was my first time seeing the birds, and, sure enough, they have about ten chickens in their backyard. Big ones too. We got to see them pounce on leftover rice. We also visited with the next-door neighbors, and we talked motorcycles and plans for gardens. They want to start a garden in their yard, and we've talked about sharing tiller rental.

Picture of the Day
I just finished a really detailed comic panel, and my pace may pick up. I'm losing my sense of progress.Like I'm riding one of these things.

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