Letters to Holly

Thursday, March 29

Grin and Bear It

Your Sister had a root canal yesterday to quiet a nagging toothache. She was able to eat normally just a few hours later. The hygienists took turns watching as the procedure isn't that common any more. Actually, aside from TV show plots, I have no idea how common it ever was. Because it's a delicate procedure around an active nerve, the numbing injections are many and plentiful, and she is feeling those shot sites more than any tooth pain.We traded tooth horror stories, and she thinks I had it worse with my bombed-out wisdom tooth. I dunno. That was only one night, and it did give me the chance to read 2001 at 4 in the morning. Now she's had a root canal and childbirth. I think she's covered for classic sitcom pains.

She takes the deputy to visit the chickens every day after work. It gives them time together outside the nursery, but it also keeps him up later, and our suppertime is now shoved back to about 9. On the other hand, he's had dry diapers for two consecutive nights.  I'd rather eat later and sleep through the night. As his face continues to settle, he's looking more like Your Sister. Thank God.

I'm inking page 28 as of tonight, giving me just about ten pages to go. I'm currently sketching the cover. I think this pace is ok. My eyes made me stained from Sharpie vapor, but the marker high is glorious.

I mowed the yard AND the garden Sunday, and now that the topsoil is bare, it screams for seeds. The planting will happen soon, methinks. 

Picture of the Day
A young Vincent Price, one of my favorite actors. In this image, he looks a lot like Leonard Nimoy, and I wonder Price's Spock might have worked.

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