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Wednesday, April 4

My Words, Years Later

Take a look at heygregory and see the story of a pretty shocking Wednesday. Go ahead. I'll wait.

So yeah. Wild.

I've talked online for months with folks who were champing at the bit to get this collection. Not a lot of people got the original series when it was published in single issues. I did because I knew the character from Doom Patrol, and I was keen to get the spin-off. A lot of people who want this collection have never read the story, but these creators have since become very big names separately and together. The eager readers I talked to are trusting the creators to deliver their usual fantastic work. Even with new materials inside the collection, I was gonna let it go by. I was happy with my issues.

I saw the new book in the Asheville comic store and thumbed through. The owner gave me the friendly hard sell. I told him I had it covered, but thanks anyway. And then I turned the cover and saw some words that looked familiar. Then I saw the attribution. Then I Googled my review and saw the original text. I almost cried. I'm still staggered, hours later.

Picture of the Day
The president met the original Uhura actress from Star Trek. Note her necklace. She's a longtime ambassador for NASA and science studies.

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holly said...

congrats. wish that it had been attributed to you and not just the publication, though. at least you know, and knowing is half the battle.