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Monday, April 9

Get Those Eggs

The deputy had his first easter egg hunt at daycare on Friday. The classes were split into two age groups, and he was in the older set (barely). The eggs were placed in the big common room of the daycare, and the kids were let loose. Because Your Sister and I both had the day off, we could walk him through it. He didn't understand that you should gather all the eggs you can before sitting down to open them. But he did find a stash and claimed a bunch of them. He had his first chocolate (we think) as the plastic eggs had M&Ms. He managed to sit through another meal at a restaurant not long after. I gave him one of the vehicle books I bought a few weeks back, and that got held his attention while we ate.

He got a second egg hunt Saturday and another yesterday. It gets him outside and snacking. We had just wrapped up the Sunday hunt, when I noticed how nice the weather was and suggested we get back on the bikes. Within 20 minutes, we were helmeted and zooming through town. I feel it a little bit today, but I need the exercise to help burn off these months' worth of stored calories from drawing a comic.

The next-door neighbor told me that another neighbor has a tiller we can borrow to start our gardens. The next-door folks haven't done this before, and I'll walk them through it. The only concern is whether their back yard gets another sunlight. I've got my notes from the previous years of our garden, so I can give them approximate guidelines for harvesting.

I am within an hour of finishing the comic inks. That doesn't include the cover, but that does mean I'll have about a month to digitally tweak the pages. I started price comparison for display items (Michael's is cheaper than Office Max for some tabletop doo-dads, and that's surprising). The roller girls used the same smartphone credit-card reader I got earlier in the year, which may or may not work in the bowels of the Charlotte convention center.

I did see the girls roll Saturday at their new place. There will be adjustments. The sounds system as even worse than the civic center. The beer selection was major brands in cans.The food was iffy, and the sightlines are very limited. There are only a few raised bleachers, and the rest were ordinary folding chairs on the ground. We saw the first bout from the third row and missed a bunch. We were lucky to move to the front row for the second bout, but those chairs are killers. It's a step down from the civic center, to be sure, but the team says they were facing the prospect of doubling ticket prices if they didn't move.

Your Sister is off this week and despairs over the grading work facing her. She has the deputy at home today (which won't help). My Mom is asking to help out more for the beachhouse, and thought we were going to Myrtle Beach until I set her straight last night. I don't know if that affects her anticipation for the trip. I think she'll still be up for it. She hasn't see then boy since New Year's, and she doesn't shrug off any time at the beach.

I tried to give blood Saturday but was sent home for having too little iron. This almost happened last time; a second test cleared me to donate. This time, I was told the second score was still too low and given a list of food to beef up my iron count. The list had a lot (and I mean, a lot) of food I had eaten in the past week: shrimp, chicken, pork, peppers, tomatoes, etc. Oddly the donor-to-be on the other side of the desk scrim was also told she had too little iron and was sent home within five minutes of my dismissal. That seems strange. I've given blood since college, and this has not happened before.

Picture of the Day
These kids were kooky.

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