Letters to Holly

Wednesday, March 8

Greenville Gets a PPV

A comic story long percolating in my head is starting to take shape. I jotted down some notes at home yesterday while Your Sister cooked from the curry book you gave us. The red paste, we think, has gotten hotter. It’s fermented. Ripened. Plotted our demise. The dish tasted fantastic, but we couldn’t have seconds because of the searing tongue pain. We’ll cook with smaller doses from now on. One of her school co-workers is buying a house, and we're giving them all the boxes saved from our move. She came over yesterday for the first load. The absence of boxes finally opens up the storage room for the painting studio. Guess I have no excuse now not to start that dining room painting.

Holy crap! Greenville hosts its first wrestling pay-per-view in June. Finally. That area has been a wrestling staple for thirty years, and the venue continually sells well for WWE shows. I have to be there for this. Your Sister should come too; this is during summer vacation.

The Picture of the Day

Parking one’s car overseas. I can’t tell by the tags if this is in Europe or Japan. I’ll wager the latter.

In the news
Tensions with Iran continue to rise.

+ + +

Arrests in the Alabama church fires are being made. I think Your Brother worked on that for the FBI.

+ + +

The Patriot Act gets new life when Bush signs it this week, but it now contains some restrictions the original act’s powers.

+ + +

A Cornell physicist has created an algorithm that eases biological imaging and solves all Sodoku puzzles.

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