Letters to Holly

Tuesday, March 7


Your Sister is feeling the stress of recent school obligations. I help as I can, but she’s swamped with workshop and testing processes. You know, all the stuff apart from teaching. Me, I’m dealing with an unjust gaming schedule that presents great new games right after I give them up for Lent.

The Picture of the Day

This is a new photo from the upcoming Superman Returns film. It seems like the film is going to pick up a few years after Superman II and ignore the last two sequels.

In the news
The new trailer for the third X-men film is out, and it makes the film look better than the previous two.

+ + +

Dana Reeve, the widow of Superman actor Christopher, has died of breast cancer.

+ + +

The Secretary of the Treasury is asking Congress to increase the amount of the debt cap. The government is nearing the established $8.2 trillion limit.

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