Letters to Holly

Friday, March 10

Pizza Party

We went over to Angela and Dan’s last night. She teaches drafting at the school, and he can fix just about anything. They’re as agreeable a couple to hang out with as one could hope to find. It’s a bit surprising how many couples we hang out with, and I look forward to socializing much more now that I reside here in the boonies. Angela made homemade pizza after they gave a tour of the house. It’s a fixer-upper, and they’ve gone wild on it, repairing everything from whole additions to the front awning to a brand new back porch and landscaping. It’s inspiring; I want to redo our whole backyard.

She and I made a pact a while back to trade kids books; she’d get my copy of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and I’d read the first Harry Potter. Yep, I’m giving in to the series after seeing all the movies. I dread reading it a bit because I so detest the Golden Child cliché. Thus, I heartily root for Voldemort. I just finished up America by the Daily Show staff and could use a new book. I also need to start the Bible project I have in mind. We ate pizza and salad and talked TV shows. We want to have them over to the house to watch “Lost.” They’re curious about it but daunted at the couch time needed to catch up. With summer approaching, they can easily borrow our DVDs to get up to speed.

The Picture of the Day

Possible evidence of liquid water geysers on Saturn’s moon Enceladus, as seen from NASA’s Cassini probe.

In the news
Bush’s numbers keep slipping. The Dubai port deal has taken an odd turn as the UAE company pledged to divest its control of terminals to a U.S. company, but there’s no specific mention of selling it. They might move control to a subsidiary.

+ + +

National Geographic says Easter Island’s civilization may be younger than previously thought.

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