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Thursday, March 23

Love Me With Glaze

One of the boons of being Publications Manager is that local printers bring you doughnuts to win your business. I’ve had this one guy calling us once a week for more than a month, and today he brings a bakery bribe. There are no plain glazed, and thus he does not win my affections. Fie upon him.

We ate Mexican last night and watched a new “Lost.” The season is close to wrapping up, and it appears the season will end with some shake-ups possibly as seismic as what happened this time last year.

Picture of the Day
Undeniably, the funniest ad campaign in many a moon.

In the news
You know all the rhetoric that there was no warning about 9/11? Turns out, um, not so much. The sentencing phase of the Moussaoui trial hinges on the argument that the FBI and FAA could only have prevented 9/11 if the “20th hijacker” had told authorities what he was up to when he was arrested the month before the attack. But FBI agents and others are testifying that they tried to warn superiors that something was up at flight schools concerning the hijackers-to-be. This means a) the feds knew about these guys; b) they didn’t heed field agents’ concerns about their plans; and c) they are trying to shift all blame to the one guy they did capture. I think the guy deserves to burn. If he was involved, yeah, he’s got to go. But let’s be clear: Those who shrugged off the alarms deserve some public flogging as well.

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Snakes on a Plane just got awesomer.

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