Letters to Holly

Friday, March 24

Useless Snow

It’s no good unless it gets me at of work. It’s flying around like mad outside my office window, but it won’t stick.

Your Sister’s cold has now settled in her chest, giving her a most reptilian voice. We watched some “Jeopardy” and “Mythbusters” before she went to bed early. I organized some old paper files and drew a bit before calling it a night. She’s going to be gone most of tomorrow helping another teacher get reading for her wedding, and I find myself with no clue how to have a bachelor night in Mayberry.

UPDATE: Looks like I'll do nothing. I'm getting the rough throat that signals the onset of sickness. Joy. Rapture.

Picture of the Day

The view outside my window. If our office was a few thousand feet higher, I’d be home right now.

In the news
With both UNC and Duke out off March Madness, I no longer care who wins.

+ + +

Rumors again swirl that Rumsfeld will step aside to give the GOP a scapegoat going into the mid-term elections.

+ + +

The Supremes ruled this week that police cannot make a warrantless search of a house if both occupants do not agree. There’s debate on whether this will hamper investigations of domestic abuse.

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