Letters to Holly

Tuesday, March 28


Yeah, I got hit hard by whatever Heidi is recovering from. I felt the throat tingles and awoke Saturday to find myself in misery. I dragged myself to the pub for lunch with Travis, Kathy, and Tonia. I lent them my copy of “V for Vendetta” as they were going to see it that night. Then I went home to shamble about the house in a drug-induced fog. Your Sister went out with a teacher pal for a girls’ night out. Sunday, I was still sick and couldn’t join her to see “A Doll’s House” in Greenville. Again, stayed at home, took medicine, listened to myself blink. I stayed home from work yesterday to gather my strength while she had a teacher workday. We met up for lunch and I ventured out into the blasting sunlight for a quick meal and then scurried back to the cold, dark embrace of the couch.

While I was couch-ridden, I watched some of March Madness. The end of regulation in the LSU/Texas game was insane, and GMU was throwing down three-pointers on UConn like they were playing on an undersized court. I also re-watched Constantine, another film based on an Alan Moore creation, but drawing from stories written by other writers. It’s a fine little horror movie. Much better than one might expect. We both watched “West Wing” Sunday, and the series is definitely changing the status quo as it fades away. I still say a series with Smits and Alda as a combined administration would make for fine TV. I also watched some James Bond on AMC.

Your Sister and I are going to host a woman from France for a few days in May. A group of French folks are traveling through North Carolina to speak to local rotary groups. Our schedule guest is named Valerie and majored in fine arts, giving us something to talk about if we can understand each other.

Holy crap, we move the clocks ahead this weekend. Oh, the agony.

Sketch Day
Wonder Woman. Still the top heroine in comics and one of the few female secular icons recognizable worldwide.

In the news
When is a law not a law? When it only passes one house of Congress. Bush signed it and claims it’s a law anyway.

+ + +

And just like that, the chief of staff resigns.

+ + +

Boy, the rhetoric over immigration and naturalization is getting ugly. The head of the Minuteman Movement called illegal immigrants “maggots” this weekend on a conservative radio show, and hundreds of thousands are protesting the bills moving through the House and Senate.

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