Letters to Holly

Tuesday, March 21

So Far, Spring Is Lacking

Sleet and snow welcome you to the first day of Spring. Your Sister is still sick, but she was able to enjoy the Monday ritual of Wings ‘n’ Rasslin. She’s a trooper. We’re just two weeks away from WrestleMania, the giant PPV of the year, and I’ll offer you a run down of the card later to entice you and your Boston pals to hunker down for four hours to watch it.

I hope to go back to the gym today, depending on what the weather does. I may just do some exercise at home instead.

Picture of the Day
I tweaked the cover, and I like this version better. Can I convince the boss to use it? Stay tuned.

In the news
Bush signed a bill yesterday raising the debt limit. It’s the fourth time in his presidency that he’s done so. This means he doesn’t have to raise taxes or cut domestic programs, but it means we are running at a higher debt than before. This is conservatism?

+ + +

The Whitewater investigation of the Clintons may have finally ended as the Supremes refused to hear an appeal of a related case.

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