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Wednesday, May 3

Ahoy, matey!

I didn’t mention it yesterday, but the full trailer for Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest is also online now. We didn’t see the first film until it was on DVD, and I think we rented it out of passive curiosity. We were shocked by hog big a movie it is. It’s long and it covers a lot of territory, but it’s also an old-fashioned kind of film. I can easily see this playing as one of the old network affiliate Saturday afternoon films. If it was black and white with Eli Wallach and David Niven, it would fit right beside Tarantula or The Car.

We saw a lot of Jack Sparrow wannabes at comic conventions before we saw the film. We just bought the DVD last week and haven’t watched it, but I think we’ll see this new film in the theatre. This will make I think the ninth film involving Orlando Bloom and swords. Those films make money. Orlando Bloom should make buddy movies with a sassy, sword sidekick. Maybe one voiced by Chris Tucker. Hard to believe that of all the roles he’s played, Johnny Depp will almost surely be remembered best for playing a pirate modeled after Keith Richards and Pepe Le Pew. And Keira Knightley is one of those gals I catch myself staring at. Yeah, we’ll see this not long after it opens.

+ + +

I got home yesterday and inexplicably felt a compulsion to do yardwork. I raked out a corner of the yard that never gets sunlight and hauled the leaves to the treeline. I thought about raking up the dead leaves inside the treeline, but I’m fighting a forest. So I’ll only concentrate on the lawn area and let the bugs and critters have the ground cover. It didn’t take long at all to rake the corner, and as soon as I finished I wanted to go inside. I made teriyaki chicken and mashed potatoes. I hadn’t made those in ages, and it was one of my top three foods growing up. I need to ask my mom how she made some dishes from my childhood ‘cause I’ve been craving Mom Cooking for awhile now.

In the news
Moussaoui’s jury gave him life in jail instead of the death penalty. My understanding of the case suggests he was tried for not telling anyone about the 9/ 11 plot. But that would run counter to the first Miranda right of remaining silent. If he had any ties to the hijackers, then I think he should die, but it seems the jury wasn’t convinced he was anything more than a lackey desperate for attention.

+ + +

Lucas announced that the original versions of the first three Star Wars films are coming to DVD. Han shoots first and the Ewoks have their original suck-ass “jub jub” song. I have this trilogy in three forms: the originals on VHS, the special editions on VHS, and the special edition on DVD. Unless something astounding is on the new DVD set, I ain’t getting it.

+ + +

You can find almost anything online. Today, I saw a link to Jim Jones’s final sermon before the Jonestown camp committed suicide in 1978. It’s an audio file about 45 minutes long. The group debates the suicide pact and then begins poisoning themselves. Long story short: He convinced his people that any effort to escape Jonestown alive would end in death so they might as well go out the way they choose. We get to hear his messiah complex in full flower and his followers’ desperate loyalty.

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