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Friday, May 5

Bonjour, nouveau fille

We host the French visitor starting Sunday. We have been given no idea how fluent she is in English, and I know enough about my French to know that no French person will understand it. The guy organizing the travel group’s Brevard stop has given us very little to go on. Valerie’s email from about two months’ back showed an ability to write English alright, but that’s a far cry from being able to speak or hear it properly. I fear we’ll make this part of her very long trip a bad experience. We’ll spruce up the house a bit Saturday and work on the yard, but my French isn’t going to get any better than it is right now.

I finally finished the new mix CD for Your Sister. Moody Boys is filled with emo and hard rock – Nine Inch Nails, Weezer, Velvet Underground, James, Metallica, and one horrible rap song she fell in love with a couple of years back.

If you’re bored and want a variety of reading material, tomorrow is Free Comic Book Day. Publishers provide free issues of their wares, specially marked for the occasion, to any and all while supplies last. But here’s the catch: You have to go to a participating comic store to get them. I know Comicopia is a few blocks up from Fenway, and Newbury Comics at Harvard might offer them too. Not all comics will be worth the trip, but you should find one or two that are eye-opening. The notion is only a few years old and was crated and scheduled to coincide with movie adaptations of comics. I think the first was the same weekend as when Spider-Man opened. The first big comic movie this year, X-Men 3: Last Stand, is a few weeks away.

Picture of the Day
Stay cool, baby.

In the news
During WII, the U.S. offered Britain a deal to supply them with $21 billion worth of material. Britain also agreed to give up rights to radar and jet aircraft technology. This week, the last payment to the U.S. was scheduled, and Britain’s war debt will be history.

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According to a new AP-Ipsos poll, conservatives are driving down Bush’s approval numbers. The new news catchphrase is November Massacre, the fear that the midterm elections could heavily favor the Democrats in a nationwide no-confidence vote.

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