Letters to Holly

Tuesday, May 2


Kathy and Travis couldn’t make it for the wrestling night, and they missed almost two full hours of Spirit Squad joy. I recorded some of it for them for when they come back.

We’re thinking of asking Dan to look at our back deck and recommend a good treatment for it. He’s a handyman by trade and could do it for us if we hired him outright. I’ve treated a deck before, and it’s a mess. I think we’d save ourselves a mess if he does it, schedule allowing.

We’re five days away from our French house guest. I’ve tried to bone up on the language, and I can easily see his relying on charades and sketches to converse. Who knows, maybe we can offer her viewings of DVDs and TV shows she’s missed while traveling.

Your Sister is shockingly interested in Poseidon, the remake of the 1970s Poseidon Adventure. She didn’t know until last night that the original film (itself based on a book) was a theatrical release; she thought it was TV film. How Kurt Russell expects to better Gene Hackman is beyond me. It’s not possible. Not possible.

The fourth Harry Potter book continues the trend of each installment bettering the previous ones. Goblet of Fire is darker and the kids are acting their ages, meaning they’re bratty and snippy. I’m already about 450 pages into it.

Picture of the Day
New and approved Muslim sports outfits for women. This is no joke.

In the news
A report says the Vatican may allow the use of condoms, but only for married couples with an HIV-infected partner. This would make sense for the Vatican since the initial prohibition of birth control was so the old Holy Roman Empire wouldn’t lose taxation on the populace. Less people = less income.

+ + +

An MSNBC story says that when the administration outed CIA agent Valerie Plame in order to get back at her husband (whose federal report denounced the Africa-Iraq nuclear supply story) they undercut their ability to track Iran’s nuclear program. She was working on that as she quit after becoming a public figure. In other words, we could have a much better notion of what Iran is really capable of had they not ruined her professional ability out of spite.

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