Letters to Holly

Friday, July 14

Excuse me, can you be more confusing?

Buying Tom Waits tickets for this tour is easy And when I say "easy," I mean, "hey, punch me in the liver, what say." Tickets were announced maybe a week ago for sale today. The concert is in three weeks. Just yesterday, it was announced that in there is a two-ticket limit. Not per purchase. Per customer. Ticketmaster says this: Orders associated with the same name, email, billing address, credit card, etc. may have all tickets cancelled without notice by Ticketmaster at its discretion. That means that Your Sister and I can't buy tickets using separate bank accounts because we live at the same address. I understand; this is to reduce hoarding by scalpers. But it makes buying six tickets by two people impossible. The plan initially was for Kathy, Travis, their two Ohio pals, and me to go (Your Sister can't stand Tom Waits. I learned this just this week.) The Ohio people can't order tickets because they are out of state. At least, that's what I gather from Kathy; we're so confused by this suddenly announced process that we're just happy to have what tickets we could snag. And what we were able to get is pretty far away. Look at this ...

Picture of the Day

See that circle? That's what I got by logging into Ticketmaster.com exactly at 10 a.m., when tickets went on sale. Admittedly, I got the cheaper tickets ($54 vs. $75). My Ticketmaster account is pre-established. I had to punch in virtually no personal info. I had the quickest possible ticket purchase, and this is where I'm sitting. Front row, top level, back section. That's absurd. Just an hour and 15 minutes later, there are no tickets left for sale. Look, I'm happy to be able to see him, but only if I'm able to see him. I may as well be sitting at Asheville Pizza. It's going to be a fun night, and I'll need this event to cheer my spirits just a day after the Orlando convention.

In the News
Mr. T is giving up his gold chains after spending time with Katrina victims. Kudos for feeling empathy, but unless he's going to auction those chains for charity. He's gesture makes only himself feel better and provides a blip of publicity.

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