Letters to Holly

Friday, July 14

iPod Person

Because I'm shipping out to Orlando in two weeks, Your Sister gave my an early birthday present, an iPod Nano. She knows I've been eyeing them for a while, and this gives me some respite from the constant musical styles at the convention with which I have little appreciation. I try, but I'm not schooled in music theory and have no context for their composition. I have what Your Sis has for comic art and films: Does it catch my fancy? No? Toodles. Yea? Groovy. The Nano is a nice little toy. I don't need a video option on as the higher iPods have, and this carries about 500 songs. That's a goodly number to commute with every day.

We had our Sunday, but there were some details you might have missed out on. On Saturday, I got up early to clear away the tangle of blackberry bushes and honeysuckle vines. I garbbed the hedge clipper and gouged away at the bushes for about 90 minutes. It was already stifling hot at 9 a.m., but when the cloud cover broke, the heat was brutal. I drank my liters of water and ferried the debris to the treeline, and at 10:20, I could do no more. I had the shakes and was goofy-headed. The next day, my back was a little tender, and even today, I'm feeling it.

Monday after work, we ran at the college as part of our communal diet and exercise. We both weigh a little more than we'd like, and luckily we don't have that much extra mass to lose. I don't think we have to change our meals drastically, just move around a lot more. I ran a full lap of the cornfield, and we might go again today. Probably not, I think as I type that last sentence. I need to mow the lawn before the Ladies Night party at our house Wednesday.

Moving Picture of the Day
The Prestige is directed by and stars the three guys who put together Batman Begins. It also features Hugh jackman. It's about dueling magicians in the 19th century. This is not to be confused with The Illusionist, a film starring Ed Norton and Paul Giamatti as dueling magicians in the 19th century. The Prestige has the superior trailer. Also, Scarlet trumps Jessica Biel.

In the News
Did you order World War III? 'Cause I didn't order it, and no one else here will claim it. I say send it back. I'd rather have World War II and a side of Norman Conquest. Maybe a 16-ounce Boxer Rebellion. On Sunday, Condi Rice dimissed any claim that we destablized the Middle East when we went into Iraq. And that's an easy stance to take considering the Middle East has never been stable to begin with. But we didn't help that any when we invaded a country to stomp out terrorism, the same rationale Israel is using to hit Lebanon. We put a giant gold star on the pre-emptive doctorine. Bush made some noise yesterday when an open mic caught him saying "shit" in regards to the Lebanon battle. But the most important matter was earlier in the sentence when he said Syria controls Hezbollah. The conservatives have tried to embroil Syriah in the war on terror since we invaded Iraq. Many claimed all the WMDs were smuggled there, and some missions in Northern Iraq came close to that country's border.

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