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Wednesday, July 12

Gotta Be The Shoes

Your Sis was in Asheville yesterday, and we ate at Jersulaem garden. Man, I could eat lamb gyros morning, noon, and night. Sheeps is good eats. I went back to wrok while she, unknown to me, shopped for bowling shoes. I've wanted a pair of honest-to-God bowling shoes for years now, ever since I bowled with a group from the daily paper. I don't have the nerve to steal a pair from an alley. Also, Dick's Sporting Goods stopped seeling them around here. So Your Sis, armed with advice from a fellow teacher, checked out Asheville stores and found some potentials. She showed them to me after work, and I agred with all her choices. We found a pair on sale at a store in teh scary, deserted Biltmore Square Mall. Maybe it's from years of watching Dawn of the Dead, but quasi-abandoned malls give me both heebies and jeebies. As I type, I am sporting some brown Skechers bowling-style shoes. Not quite the real thing, but close enough. We also tried to find me a fedora to make a Press hat during the convention, but we can only find outdoorsman lids.

When you come by this weekend, I hope you're ready for more Katamari Damacy.

Picture of the Day
Shoe = fly. Don't bother me.

In the News
Israel entered Lebanon after Hezbollah captured two Isreali soldiers. We seem to be able to corral Israel when they are attacked, but I wonder how much we can keep them back when they're fighting on two fronts.

+ + +

The Department of Homeland Security database of likely targets determines which states get funds to ward off attacks. This equation determined why New York got less funding than states in the Midwest. The list includes donut shops, petting zoos, ice cream parlors, and tackle shops. This is retarded. The 9/11, 3/11, 7/11, and 7/7 attacks hit transportation and bureaucratic targets. The Bali attacks hit nightclubs. Israel gets hit at restaurants and buses. No one is attacking what can only be considered Americana hotspots. This has to be a list dreamed up by congressman trying to shunt money to their states. You'd think Muslim extremists would be more likely to attack the larger coastal cities with all their wild women, homosexual tolerances, and strip clubs. But, no, ice cream parlors are much more likely. Little Jenny and Peter McMayberry are in grave, grave danger from a Saudi fundamentalist with a mad-on for Dairy Queen.

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Giana said...

Nice looking shoes!! I always browse Skechers for quality shoes.