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Wednesday, August 16

Oh, The Drama

Your Sis had a teacher workshop yesterday that included details on the state teacher mentoring program. This allegedly welcomes new teachers to the system and includes a 150-page manual and tips such as making them a welcome basket and getting the local paper to write about them. She also learned that mentors are paid a certain amount each month, and one district is pooling all its mentor funds to pay an administrative position; its mentors are treated as volunteers.

We watched two glorious hours of "House" last night, and this is officially our new favorite TV show. I recently discovered "The Venture Brothers" on Cartoon Network and added it and "MASH" to our TiFaux record list. We now have three Eddie Izzard performances saved as well.

I just received an indignant email from a former neighbor of mine when I was married to Debbie. This lady decided to write me from her office to say I had abandoned my wife and Christian obligations, for which my wife must know suffer in poverty among the black people (really). I wrote back very calmy and reminded her this is the first she's reached out to me in this matter going back five years since Debbie left. She's working off of Lifetime channel movies about lonely, devoted wives treated like shit by Treat Williams and Joe Penny. I hope she writes back. I really do.

And Debbie is where she is because that's where Debbie's choices lead her. She wanted out, she ran away, she lied like a rug to cover her tracks, and she can get another man if she wanted to. She's not ugly at all. She's just not taking care of herself.

News of the Day
The International Astronomical Union proposes we have 12 planets in our solar system.

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