Letters to Holly

Friday, August 18

Attack of the Kick-Ass Tomatoes

While we talked about developing a garden in the back yard, and even got so far as cleaning away the weeds for it, we never planted anything. We considerd corn, tomatoes, herbs, peppers -- stuff we always eat. We even have a compost pile to fertilize the hypothetical garden. In this pile, we put all our food scraps (except meat). We used to put paper towels in there to degrade naturally, but the local birds stole it for nesting. A few weeks back, we noticed that the pile had growth. A weed here, a flower there. And then we saw the tomato plants. And then we found the tomatoes. How hard is it to grow tomatoes? Apparently, not at all. Throw seeds in the back yard. Bam, you gots tomatoes. I plucked some this week, had them with dinner, and they're just fine. Our first tomatoes. Straight from the crap bin. I think there's also a squash vine in there too.

Your Parents are also giving us tomatoes from their small bin at home. And a fellow teacher is handing us overflow from her garden, including tomatoes and basil for homemade pesto. I have no idea about their nutritional content or calories, but I'm eating them like they're going out of style. Your Sis, of course, hates them with a hate that dare not be named. But lukcily, my appetite will make them vanish before long. When Travis came over Wednesday, we're were throwing them back amid the popcorn and beers.

Picture of the Day
Maybe the only legally licensed Cavin and Hobbes product. All those car stickers you see with Calvin peeing or praying or Hoobes dancing? The fraternity shirts? The ties? Bootlegs. All of them. You can see more rare stuff from the artist here.

In the News
Apparently I was right about the confession in the Jon Benet murder. He is indeed wacko.

+ + +

A federal judge ruled against the warrantless wiretaps. Does anyone think the administration will stop the program even if the Supremes rule against it? Or that the Justice Department will completely end it when a Democrat takes office?

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