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Thursday, August 17

She Should Really Butt Out

The Indignant Christian Neighbor emailed me again yesterday to respond to my reply. She admitted she had only gotten her divorce info from Debbie and that it was all years old. She also, after two emails, decided what she was doing was -- oh hell, here's her email:

I'm sorry, I feel now what I've done is really inappropriate. I apologize if I have caused you to drudge up painful memories. Please forgive me and I wish you and your family the best.

She might be sincere or she might only have offered a faux humble exit from a conversation she no longer controlled. I don't think she was prepared for me to answer with calm, direct point-by-point retorts of her accusations. Either way, I'm not convinced this will be the last I hear from someone in the Debbie Camp.

After work, I hosted Travis for a marathon of "Venture Brothers" while our wives attended another Ladies Night dinner party. When Your Sis got home, I showed her the emails from and to the Indignant Christian Neighbor. And we laughed. Not at debbie's alledged financial plight, but at this person's sudden attack of the haughty allegations and quick retreat from her moral high ground.

Picture of the Day
Screenings start tonight.

In the News
Caer Caradoc at Mynydd y Gaer, Glamorgan, an ancient Welsh city and possible gravesite of Uther Pendragon, has been found.

+ + +

Police arrested a suspect in the Jon Benet murder. But the story is weird. He was arrested in Thailand and hails from Georgia. Hs ex-wife says he was with her in Alabama when Jon Benet was killed in Colorado. She also says he studied new reports of this case and the murder of Polly Klaas. He lived for a time near the family when they moved to Georgia after the murder.

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