Letters to Holly

Monday, August 21


It was one year ago yesterday that we held the formal ceremony at Silvermont, and then we watched The Village and opened presents at 1 in the morning. Yes, it does feel like a year has passed; we've both been busy with work and hobbies. We ate Indian food using the curry you sent us and had Travis and Kathy over. The meal went over great, and we all took turns preparing the ingredients. We then watched a James Cameron-produced special "decoding" Exodus, hoping to prove scientifically when and how the events happened.

On Saturday, we watched V for Vendetta again, and it holds up, if not improves, with a second viewing. It's obvious they worked on this script before making The Matrix as that movie holds a number of similarities in themes and images with Vendetta. Your Sis stopped the film to bemoan Lucas's treatment of Portman's character in the third prequel as this film proves she's got real acting chops. If she isn't nominated for acting awards for the role, there is no justice. She carries the film.

My lawnmower seems to be in the last mow throes. If it can just last until October, I can junk it and get a new one next year. I've had it for, wow, about seven years now.

Pictures of the Day
One of Your Sis's teaching buddies asked for a mix CD of rambler songs. This is the CD cover art I made for it:

This is one I made for Travis awhile back. I use Photoshop and Illustrator for the art and labels.

In the News
In a rare news conference, Bush said, according to the AP, "the war was 'straining the psyche of our country.' " That's a different spin from what we normally here from him. I wonder how conciliatory we can expect him to be before November.

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