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Thursday, August 24

Mushroom Trivia

We met with Angela and Dan at Mellow Mushroom for a bar trivia night. I hadn't done this since my Spartanburg days. I regularly went to a downtown bar called RJ Rockers for trivia. Sometimes on Wednesday night, sometimes on Saturday night, sometimes both. I would go with Debbie's co-workers or my comic gang. It was always a blast, and we would either place respectably or lose spectacularly. RJ Rockers, sadly, closed and became a lame Irish eatery, and I hadn't played a beer-supported trivia game since.

Last night was fun, and the game format resembled Rockers' contest. We whiffed on the capital of Maine (Augusta) and the number of minutes in an NBA quarter (12). But the second round featured questions about GI Joe (my favorite 80s cartoon) and Burgertime (my favorite video game). We placed fifth, which isn't bad for the first time. I'm not sure if the winners receive anything, but if not, no loss. We had fun eating and drinking. Angela and Dan just got satellite TV, and we exchanged notes on our favoite shows. They also told horror stories about buying Dish TV, cementing my belief that DirecTV was the better purchase two years ago.

Your Sis talked with the co-chair and things are presumably going to run smoother now.

Picture of the Day
NASA hopes the new Orion capsule will transport us to the moon and maybe Mars.

In the News
The bastards downgraded Pluto from its "planet" status.

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The NY Times reports the FDA approved an over-the-counter "morning after" pill. Customers must be 18 and older.

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