Letters to Holly

Wednesday, August 23


Your Sis is having trouble crafting a feasible working relationship with her co-chair. She finds herself struggling to fit surprise plans into a schedule already packed with her own workload. Even though they share the chair position (nominally, anyhow) , they have yet to hammer out a plan of attack. The two have to sit down and discuss scheduling before Your Sis goes Tarzan and destroys a classroom. I've tried to calm her down by suggesting she imagine doing this and coaching volleyball. Nothing is helped by the almost slapstick technical failures in her district. The PCs were refurbished, but the techs failed to install Word, the key program for the schools. Also, Your Sister's wing has no network connection at the moment. Of course, it's two days before school starts. Something will be Bad Wrong. But she worked a lot this summer to have her shit together only to find she's asked to carry someone else's load to their standards and work around missing computer equipment. You wonder why teachers drink?

Picture of the Day
The poster for the upcoming magician thriller The Prestige.

In the News
There's a comic-book adaptation of the 9/11 Commission Report, and it's getting major news coverage. I'm not that curious about it nor any other dramatic interpretation of that day (this year's two 9/11 movies, the impending network recreations). I also believe that I, by now, have a pretty good idea of what went down that day: the dark stars aligned to craft a flat-footed federal reaction to a pie-in-the-sky terrorist plot.

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