Letters to Holly

Tuesday, August 22


Your Sis was assigned the duty of selling tickets at the opening volleyball matches yesterday. She was concerned throughout the weekend about previously vocal (read: asshole) parents making comments. That didn't happen. Mainly she was worried about Angry Dad, the jerk who stormed the court and berated her during matches. He coaches his daughter and niece through the year in club teams. He and his sister were adamant about removing our gal from her job, since she obviously couldn't coach (even though her team only lost five times last year) . Your Sis learned that his daughter isn't playing for a full week because she went on vacation without informing the coach. As punishment, she can't play or suit up. Angry Dad had no reason to appear. But we also learned that because the middle school coach took Your Sis's former position, that school no longer has a volleyball coach, and Angry Dad's niece now can't play for the school. Also, the JV team lost yesterday. We don't take any joy in the girls' failure, but it made Your Sis feel somewhat better about handing over the job.

School officially opens Friday (yes, they're playing sports before school opens), and she's cramming to finish her work. She ran ragged and then had to fix the dislodged pantry door at 10:30 last night. She had a day.

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Among the items now held as evidence against the British bombers: hydrogen peroxide. You can't even find that in a meth lab.

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