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Friday, September 8

The Children Are Our Future

I left work early to talk to the high school newspaper staff. I met with them a few times a year before to help them launch the semester’s first issue but hadn’t spoken to them since. They asked me this time to help them with layout, and I quickly browsed their papers Wednesday night. When I arrived yesterday, they asked for some tips on using InDesign, the pagemaking software, and then we moved on to specific adjustments with the paper. We talked for about an hour and a half, and they asked good questions. It’s clear they want to make the best product and know they need to alter some elements. But they don’t have that far to go. Their paper looks better than the county biweekly. I don’t get the sense they want to be told what to do, just advised on the best way to do it. And I like that attitude.

Your Sister and I picked out football teams as has become our new pro-football tradition. We chatted it up over dinner, and this is what we decided on:


NFC: Detroit Lions/Philadelphia Eagles
AFC: Oakland Raiders/New England Patriots (New York Jets as additional option)


NFC: Carolina Panthers/Philadelphia Eagles
AFC: Miami Dolphins/Pittsburgh Steelers

Miami and Pittsburgh opened the season last night, and Miami showed they have no running game. Pittsburgh won with hard defense and a nice passing strategy.

Picture of the Day
Pirate Kitty at DragonCon.

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