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Wednesday, September 6

Ridin' Dirty. Or Not.

Every once in a while (a long while), Your Sister will announce she discovered a song on the radio. Oddly enough, they're always hip-hop. The latest song was unearthed last week as she drove somewhere at her usual 9,000 MPH. All she would tell me at the time is that it's called "Ridin' Dirty", and the lyricw flew by too fast to catch. Being the pop-culure expert of the two and the guy who can work with online music files, I went hunting for it. iTunes lists 15 songs titled "Ridin' Dirty," most of which have quick tempos. I downloaded the five basic tracks (no remixes) and saved them to the iPod. When we drove down to Spartanburg, I played them on the radio. None was the right song. Your Sister than gives me details about the right song -- including lyrics -- details I could have used to find that song the first time and saved myself $5. That night, I run a Yahoo search on the lyrics and immediately find the song that fits her tardy description. I got to iTunes, find it, buy it, download it, and play it for her the next morning. She confirms it's the one. The real bitch of it is that it's not called "Ridin' Dirty." It's just called "Ridin'," a title used by 20 other songs on iTunes.

We got the second season of "Lost" on DVD yesterday and started watching the bonus material. There's a great mini-documentary on assembling a network show.

Moving Picture of the Day
A map of Iraq marking fatalities by nation and day, updated as recently as July.

In The News
I couldn't decide if Steve Irwin's willingness to risk his life made him a noble conservationist or a bad father. It''s not fair, I suppose, to expect the man to change his job once he has kids. The wife met him at his preserve and was allegedly won over by his love of animals and trademark energy. She knew whom she was marrying. As with all his specials, he warns viewers not to approach a dangerous animal just because he is. And then he gets killed by such an animal. There's no need for him to approach those animals to make his point that all animals are wonderful and deserve conservation. He didn't have to swim with them, but it made for great TV, and that's the true source of dismay. He took an unneccesary risk, and, while that doesn't make him a bad father, it does make him as stupid as the people he was trying to warn.

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