Letters to Holly

Tuesday, September 5

Labor Weekend

I got home Friday just in time to watch the high school football game, but we left at halftime due to heavy rain. And most of the crowd left with us. I assume our team won. The college had its second football game the next day, and I assume they lost.

On Saturday, we went to Flat Rock Playhouse to see Agatha Christie's "The Unexpected Guest." This makes three of her plays I've either seen or performed in. It was tight, and the actors did a nice job. But the facilities are underwhelming. This is the state's theatre, and I expected something like the Greenville Little Theatre's huge building that screams Fine Art Here. No, this is more like a forest lodge. The seats are nice and comfy (and wide), but the rows are packed together too tight for foot traffic, and the aisle isn't slanted enough to allow you to see over the guy in front of you. I've heard about Flat Rock Playhouse all my life; it was THE theatre in the area that one simply must experience. And it looks like a summer camp. The ticket booth is on the back of one wood-slat building, the theatre is by itself, and the concessions are over in another wood-slat building. We ate dinner at a nearby inn, and that was damn good eats. Would I go back to the Flat Rock? Maybe. But it would have to be a killer show. I've seen churches with better accomodations.

On Sunday we visited my parents for a bit and discussed the Thanksgiving trip to Alabama.

On Monday, we hiked for a few hours before Your Sister went to work. We found our favorite Mexican eatery closed for the holiday and instead ate hot dogs. Travis and Kathy's baby is due this weekend, but they are still planning to watch the Ohio State/Texas game on Saturday.

Picture of the Day
the Hooker Ridge hiking trail in DuPont Forest.

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