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Thursday, April 5

Plow, Plow, Plower Wheels

I ran Wednesday and again experienced the unusual leg pain. I stretched out well (I thought) and eaten well enough to avoid cramps (I thought). But my shins kill me before I go a half mile. I wonder if my stride was gone out of whack. I also wonder if my weight is more than I thought. The scale says I'm just a little heavier than I was when I ran the 5k. I'm not experiencing the side pains yet, but I don't think I'm running that much slower to cause a paid reduction. I'm confused.

I got home last night to find Your Sis tilling the long-dormant garden. We talked about starting it back up since we moved in, and we even tried to rent a tiller last year but the weather confounded us. She got out of work and decided to plow the ground, and so she did. She mentioned that the renters gave her a full procedure and that she had never even cranked up a lawnmower before. We'll fix that next week. I want her to be able to use all our equipment in case something happens to me. As she tilled, I did my exercises. She showed Unbreakable for the school movie room was was surprised by how many kids didn't know about it.

As we make our way through the last 25 episodes of "Six Feet Under," the characters are currently in a stretch of universal bad stuff. No one is happy, and everyone is getting bitchy. I need a drink after deleting each finished episode.

We got some surprising news from Your Aunt yesterday, and it's the kind of revelation that knocked me off my feet almost literally. She said she had talked to you as well about her plans, and I'm still not sure I can put into words just what I'm feeling. It certainly will help this here at Chez Debacle.

I'm working today and will be off Monday. I uploaded the Saturday Night Fever CD to my iPod so I can BeeGee my way to work.

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