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Wednesday, April 4

We Got Movie Sign!

As Spring Break approaches the Mayberry district, Your Sister's school holds its occasional "screw it, we're not getting any work done" day on Thursday. She is in charge of a movie room but doesn't know who's supposed to bring movies. I recommended some of ours, but she reminded me that you can't show Disney movies in schools, or they'll sue you. Yes, they sue over large-scale babysitting viewings. That knocked out Incredibles and Pirates of the Caribbean. I suggested maybe Star Wars or Casablanca. The kids will dig the latter if they give it a chance. It's got Nazis, smart-ass humor, the French Resistance, a venal police chief exploiting the desperation of female refugees, gunplay, gambling, and drinking. It's a family-friendly parade of vice with a hundred quotable lines. I thought about Serenity as well, and I can't think of any major objectionable scenes from that film. I'll let her decide obviously since she'll be accountable. She's buried under school projects (which is why I commandeered the tech display), and this week is gonna be rough on her. She got out of school late yesterday, and we hit the local sports bar for pizza.

Picture of the Day
A new still from the upcoming FF2 movie. I wasn't fond of the first film for a lot of reasons, but it wasn't the blasphemous attack the vocal majority of comic fans would have you believe. I mean, the X-Men film franchise takes just as much liberty with the source material, and most people dig those films (except for those who think it fashionable to be grumpy killjoys). But this FF picture retains the sad resistance to go with the comics' outrageousness. The costumes are needlessly adjusted from the classic designs, and Thing is just too small. He must be broader, more inhuman, so we can immediately acknowledge the difference between being freakishly removed from the rest of us and merely inconvenienced by his new form. He should be CGI. And if I can nitpick, Sue and Johnny's hair don't jibe with what we seen for more than 40 years on paper. But the new film possesses the potential for a big-screen Galactus the World Devourer, and if the producers can just trust that original, cosmic-crazy design, then the movie will get my ticket money.

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