Letters to Holly

Tuesday, April 3

Victory of Creativity

I met up with Your Sis at the local library to view the technology displays. It was larger than we thought, featuring teachers from the entire district. The dedicated room was packed with displays, laptops running PowerPoint, and students of all sizes. Our display did indeed stand out. But another teacher brought a giant mess of props for her sewing demo, and those items were blocking our display. We simply turned the display around to be read from the other side, a vantage that had more traffic and better visibility. As soon as we moved it, people started reading it. I overheard her talking to another teacher that some students jokingly planned to steal and burn our display because it blew theirs out of the water. The lesson for all: Don't fuck with art majors. We will stylishly bury you. The whole affair was like a mini-convention -- slowly strolling attendees, a corner for heavy food, both vendors trying to make eye contact and hawk their material. Not that I'm slamming the event. I'm shocked it was that well populated. The parking lot was a mess, and folks left their cars anywhere they could find ten feet of asphalt.

After this we went to the recently reopened eatery for bar food. It's just so weird eating a languorous supper and exiting the establishment to encounter bright daylight. And yet I'm surprised by this every year. When will it become old hat?

Picture of the Day
And just how can this be done, anyway?

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