Letters to Holly

Friday, June 22

New Time

The first day of summer was hot, but I needed to run. And I did, in my best time yet: 26:43. That's almost ten minutes off my Halloween race time. I ran hard for the whole 5k, despite a lack of lungpower. I'm feeling it this morning. The town is stampeded with runners; seeing their unmistakable runner physiques, I have no illusions of winning this race in two weeks. As races go, Halloweeen apparently was for fun; this one is for reals, yo.

I rewarded myself with a burger from the new drive-thru place, and it was underwhelming. I should have gotten a Whopper. It's been a while since I've eaten from the big-name fast food joints, but I'm getting that craving.

I may take advantage of the Bachelor Week and catch a film in the theatres. I hate to go alone, but I can also see something Your Sis won't even sniff at. I don't have much interest in the new Fantastic Four film, even though it's playing within 2 miles of the house. I'd consider the Fine Arts theatre right down from work, but this is the first night of the Smashing Pumpkins 9-night stint, and downtown will be a zoo. And as I look at the fandango listing of films offered right now, there's nothing I want to see. A trip to the Buster of Block may be in order.

Picture of the Day
The Cats Eye Nebula, somwehere out there.

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