Letters to Holly

Wednesday, June 20

Rain. More Rain. Followed by Rain.

So, yeah, it precipitated all over the place yesterday, and now I worry that our potatoes are going to be mashed before I can pull them out of the ground. There's little I can do except bury them further in soil, but that only protects the green stalks, which are useless and toxic. All the tubers remain buried for now, so they might be OK after all. The weather has been odd; both towns have received hail within three days of each other. Big hail too. Not the simply annoying variety.

The rain kept me from working in the yard or running at the school. I considered running at the gym, but the treadmills alter my stride and make my calves and hips ache.

I stayed home instead and drew some more. I decided my next minicomic will be an expansion of the cat comic I did for Your Sis when she visited you in Snazzyland. It's already thumbnailed and scripted, but I will polish it up for the general audience. Your Sis still refers to its punchlines, so I know she likes it. The super-cool previous idea remains on the back burner until I can decide how to print it: in multiple parts or as a regular size comic.

Picture of the Day
My Geek Card will be revoked unless i post an image of the motorcycle from the next batman movie. I'm cool with a Batcycle; that big tank he drives is too cumbersome to go through alleyways. He used to have one in the comics, until he moved full-time to the Batmobile and Robin became the cyclist of the duo. Of course, Bats also used to have a Batcopter, Batjet, Batboat, and I think a Batrocket.


Anonymous said...

Hey! I'm gonna hang out with your wife tomorrow!
I am really excited!

Gregory said...

Are you meeting on the interstate? Are you gonna have some of her conference wine at a Chic-fil-A?