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Friday, July 6

Babies and Pain

I knew I'd be achy after the race, but I didn't realize how that ache would compound during the day. By the time I got home, my gums, calves, and arches were killing me. We had a leisurely dinner outside a local place with one of those continuing conversations that stretches over four hours. Your Sister's good for that. Not that she's long-winded. I tried my first duck dish in about 20 years, and it was just soft enough for my throbbing jaw to handle. Also, the beer helped.

We discussed babies again and arrived at the mutual conclusion that, no, we don't want a baby just for the sake of having a baby. And we may never have kids. We started later than most, and we're too involved in our new marriage and careers to shift everything to raise a child. We don't care about social obligations toward family expansions, and we don't care for the current politicalization of childrearing. We'll have them or adopt them when we want them. I think too many people have them for every other reason except "want."

We will make this stand, however: Public schools. Kids have to develop social comprehension and callouses. They can't merely live in a world of convenience, of parent-approved interaction, information, and safety. Public education, aside from being very fine instructional outlet of intelligence harvesting, also makes one savvy to his environment. For most people anyway; there are those who either blithely or pathetically hover outside socialization. Yes, there are bullies and crime and cruelty and unfairness. But it's better to learn how to react to that before one reaches the age of legal drinking.

I took a hydrocodone pill. That helped me sleep through the night, but I'm foggy this morning. I couldn't remember if I rinsed out my hair just a few minutes after shampooing it. Maybe I shouldn't have drunk that beer beforehand. On the other hand, I did sleep, and I feel much better today. I might run tomorrow; I have no excuse not too, and now I should begin pushing myself to greater distances. I want to cut another five minutes off my run time at the next race.

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