Letters to Holly

Tuesday, July 3

One Day To Go

A break in the rain allowed me to run yesterday, and I clocked my best time yet -- 26:40. That's just seconds under my previous best, but considering the mouth pain, I'm happy with it. The race is tomorrow.

Your Sis made lasagna so I'd have soft food. It's great. I hope we have the leftovers tonight. We couched ourselves for some TV and reading. After I verbally picked on a cat, she thought she'd get back at me with a gentle poke at my cheek. Right where a tooth used to be. I had to laugh it off before doing something stupid. But I was tempted. Sorely tempted, one could say.

We bought our flight tickets and room reservations for Washington. We leave in just over a month. I. Am. Gassed for this.

Moving Picture of the Day
I'm not saying the dentist visit was necessarily like this. I'm not.

In the News (after a hiatus)
Commuting Scooter Libby's sentence is stupid and wrong and wrong and stupid.

First, it tells the country that the federally prosecutor did a bad job, a job so bad that it required presidential action to correct. Second, it allows the GOP to again rail against what it deems "activist judges" who so cruelly apply judgments against those found guilty by a jury. Third, it further cements the notion that the executive branch is a corporate clubhouse. Fourth, it keeps the CIA agent scandal alive in the middle of a campaign cycle. Fifth, this action states that impeding an investigation warrants only a light sentences, an inconvenience at best. That gives ammo to the Democrats to say that the president hopes any further obstruction charges are brushed aside when former associates deny testimony in future investigations against the administration.

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good luck with the race tomorrow!