Letters to Holly

Saturday, June 30

Drug-Induced Weekend

We met up with Kathy and Travis for dinner at the steakhouse. I ate gingerly. Just fries and mac & cheese. The two of them couldn't believe I wasn't wearing an ice pack or downing pills like Pez. I traded out the pills before I slept and slept no better. So it's not the hyrdo- or oxy-. It's the codone. After waking up really, really early, I stayed awake enough to try a run. I managed to start right at 8 (the same start time as the race Wednesday), and I completed a 5k run within 28 minutes. No side pain, no shortness of breath. Either the drugs cut my usual run discomfort, or I've lost enough weight to make a difference. I tried to forgo pills at all today to clean out my system. My heartrate is elevated, I sweat at night, and I'm impatient. I don't want this.

We had breakfast before shopping for new office desks for Your Sis. She's redoing her office, and it involves a floor-to-ceiling demilitarized zone. I ate-- again, gingerly-- at another restaurant but it included small burgers. My mouth feels like I have to cloves on either side. My upper jaw is not a problem at all. I did have to take an Advil to cut the lower jaw pain, and I'll take two tonight before going to bed. I can syringe the back of my mouth with warm water to clean out the wounds starting tonight. I might get to brush again by Monday.

I developed a fever Saturday night and stayed in the sick bed. I was fine the next morning after Naproxen and Advil. Also got my first full night of sleep since Tuesday. We tried to buy a desk at Office Max and were told the one she wanted must be special ordered but does include free delivery. Should arrive Tuesday. I did not run Sunday, but I'll need to today, rain or no rain. And it's rained very day for a week now. We found out Travis and Kathy's buddies will run, and I'll join them if I can keep their pace. They are very healthy, fit folks. Luckily, they'll run with their 12-year-old daughter, and she might slow them down enough for me to stay with them. We're hoping to hold a cookout with everybody for dinner.

The potato plants are blossoming with tiny white flowers.

We decided to try Washington, DC for our hopefully annual summer vacation. We bought travel books and checked out a bed-and-breakfast online. I've never been.

I finished off Stephen King's Cell this weekend. It's light-weight king horror, like he tried to slip on the old horror-maven clothes, and they didn't quite fit. His novella Gingerbread Girl in the latest issue of Esquire is a better read.

I ate homemade pizza and soup with just a bit of mouth pain. Again, the cheek gouges are worse than the extraction sites.

Picture of the Day
It's rained so much that the neighborhood is crawling with rabbits looking for dry ground.

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