Letters to Holly

Wednesday, June 27


A Mexican dinner followed by ice cream, and then I couldn't eat until after the procedure. After eating, we watched the Tuesday night wrestling show. It started with Vince McMahon deflecting criticisms of Monday's tribute to Benoit. He said the details that have come to light mean Benoit's name will not be mentioned again on the WWE, and the following show would help with getting past by being entertaining. And it was, I suppose. The networks are gunning for the "roid rage" angle, but the WWE wisely points out that this murder-suicide stretched over three days, demonstrating deliberation and not the tell-tale sudden outburst. The cable news networks found two out-of-work performers to poo-poo the WWE, the expected workload, and the use of steroids to become successful.

I'm still trying to reconcile the words "Chris Benoit" with the news. My mind can't grasp it. And occasionally, I have the urge to breakdown again, for the entirety of this horror. The press conference details were gruesome and clearly point to Benoit as a deeply troubled person. I put away my Benoit shirt and action figure. When I unearth them again in a few months, I may burn them. I can't enjoy what this man was, not when his character was so indistinct from himself.

I am devoid of three wisdom teeth.

I managed not to eat anything for 13 hours before the operation. I decided on using the knockout drug, administered through an IV. I sat in the chair and the plugged me in. I was given a blood pressure cuff, a finger pulse monitor, and three EKG patches. They stuck a needle in me and then hooked that up to the IV drop. It was saline initially, but then the dentist added some syringes of drugs to it. I first felt it in my empty stomach and then the back of my head. I don't remember anything after that. I was out within 30 seconds. I woke up cleanly with a mouthful of gauze 45 minutes later.

Your Sis drove us to the CVS for the prescriptions (Oxycodone and anti inflammatory). I took out the gauze and had soup and Sprite. My tongue was a dried out wad, and my lower lip is dead putty. It made drinking and sipping difficult. I took my first Oxy and am now changing out the gauzes after 30-minute applications.

I feel clear-headed, but my lower left tooth area hurts. It feels like a jaw ache. But otherwise, I feel OK. I'll post teeth pictures later.

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