Letters to Holly

Friday, June 29


Your Sis delivered KFC for me last night. The mashed potatoes and gravy are always divine, but getting an actual meal was the highlight of the day. I can't sleep through the night, and I suspect the oxycodone is acting as a stimulant for me. I awake about six hours after the last dose, sweating and alert. I'm going sans pills tonight. I also gave up on the elevated pillow; I can't sleep that way either. I'm still taking the anti-inflammatory though.

I'm at work again and feeling OK. A little tired, of course. I plan to run tomorrow. I have less than a week before the race. I emailed the race organizers asking for a race map as we have yet to know where we're running. That's kinda crucial. They pulled this last year too, and runners veered off course.

Picture of the Day
Sunset over the Pacific.

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