Letters to Holly

Monday, July 9


We stayed home Friday and ate a curry dish. Twas good, and I stuffed myself on it. Your Sis's desk finally arrived from Office Max. It took a week to receive a 48-hour delivery.

I tired to run Saturday and fell apart less than a half mile from the end. I don't understand it. I wasn't beat up from the 5k, and I haven't put on weight. I should have been able to do it.

We took Your Parents to the airport Saturday afternoon after going over their house maintenance and pet car schedules with them. We then went to the big mall so she could buy school and vacation clothes. I discovered hat men's clothing is now randomly sized, depending on the perceived sizes of the target customer. Or everyone else is getting huge. Or every store is copying Abercrombie & Fitch to demand we wear eight to 12 layers. I bought three shirts in Small. SMALL. I haven't worn Small since I went to high school. A huge dinner ensued, possibly to help me fit into large clothes. Your Sis bought -- brace yourself-- a skirt.

I mowed on Sunday after something I never do: laying out in the sun. I grabbed the Sunday NY Times and read until I was rosy. I don't want to go to the July Florida wedding with a farmer tan. Your Sis finished assembling her desk late yesterday. It looks right nice. Slinky, even.

All gum pain is gone, and I'm off the drugs entirely. I'm drinking beer again to make up for that.

Picture of the Day
A still image for the upcoming Where the Wild Things Are film. Looks sharp.

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