Letters to Holly

Monday, July 9

Pet Care and Mysteries

The first day of feeding pets was uneventful except for the dead mouse on the front walk. I scooped it up with two sticks and heaved it into the woods. We drove to their house the back way on Saturday, and yesterday was the first time I had gone by the lake in months. It's down by half. It's looks like a sinkhole gurgled the water away. It's a shock. Our town doesn't have this level of drought. We still regularly see drenched rabbits in the yard.

Some wrestlers were on Larry King and Nancy Grace last night, discussing the Benoit case. The King show was at least an attempt at discussion. King, however, is an old horse that needs to be put out to pasture. The assembled wrestling guests were articulate and likable. The Grace show was high comedy as she did her best to channel hollow outrage while washed-up performers blamed Benoit's employer. One used the alloted time to advertise his wrestling school. The whole thing is still a shock. I never thought I'd see Benoit appear on the cover of People or the Enquirer. And certainly not for these reasons.

EDIT: Forgot to mention that I came home to find Your Sis frantic because our local senile post office failed to deliver three checks for the car, the mortgage and the cell phones. She was greatly displeased. She took care of it all over the phone.

Motion Picture In the News of the Day
While a number of online folks my age where chomping at the bit to see Transformers, a good number of them left the theatre talking instead of a trailer for a film so far called 1-18-08. Online, it's called Cloverfield, and it's produced by the Bad Robot team that made "Alias" and "Lost." It appears to be a Blair Witch-style monster movie. I'm very curious. Rumors are flying around. Is it another Godzilla film? Is it aliens? Is it -- dare we dream-- a big-budget Cthulhu movie featuring H.P. Lovecraft's most famous monster from his early 1900s horror stories?

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