Letters to Holly

Thursday, July 12

Lassie: Caged Heat

I went to Home Depot and used the last of my gift card balance to buy 20 feet of chain and three screw clips. I measured out the span of the chain from a gate post and secured the other half to Kempas's collar. She thought we were going walking, and I felt guilty about drastically reducing her stalking grounds so I took off the chain, attached the leash, and walked her. We returned, and I put on the chain when I de-leashed her. She seemed to take it well. I hope to find her still attached to the fence when I feed the pets tonight. I left a note explaining the need for the chain to the woman feeding the pets on the weekends. Kempas can get inside her house, and I moved the water and food to be near her. For what it's worth, the emergency plywood barrier seemed to at least severely curtail her damage to the wooden gate. If she does bust loose of the chains, I can still go back to the plywood option.

Picture of the Day
Multiple Batgirls. The heart races.

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