Letters to Holly

Wednesday, July 11

Dog Anger

Kempus is eating the fence again. I noticed some destruction Monday night and a bunch more yesterday. It was so dramatic that the neighbor walked over to make sure I noticed it and addressed it. I have two options that solidified between then and now:

1) Board up the fence so she can't gnaw her way to directionless freedom. I did find a piece of plywood in Your Dad's gardening shed (the one that house the mower and fertilizer), and, after about a half hour of searching, I found the drill and screws to affix it to the gate. This is a stop-gap measure. The entire wooden fence lining the carport will need to be boarded up. I've measured the space and my car's capacity, and I think I figured how what size planks to buy and where to screw them to the fence. But this depends on her not simply chewing through that to get to the fence.

2) Chain the dog. I can buy a length of chain to keep her away from the wooden fence but within reach of her doghouse. I'll just move the food and water. This is cheaper, but it's also a bit cruel. She'll lose the walk of the yard. This option is the more attractive. It's easier, quicker, and, even if she digs under the metal fencing, she won't be able to run about and get hit by a car.

I hate this. This anxiety-sparked destruction has gotten old, and I feel personally responsible for the dog's behavior . I worry that she'll sit and bay endlessly as she pouts about her limited range of motion, but I don't have to hear it, to be frank. The neighbor did offer to drop by the yard and pet and walk Kempus, which is nice of her. She also offered plywood, but that would oblige both me and Your Dad to them, and I can't speak for him to agree to that.

Picture of the Day
A picture of the beginning of the July 4 race. If you squint hard enough, you still can't see me. I'm way in the back.


Anonymous said...

chain the dog. kempas will get over it. i have no idea how we created such a needy dog.

Gregory said...

So it's not likely lightning will hit the fence and fry her while your parent are away, causing me to find an exact duplicate dog and train it to display to whine whenever someone walks in the driveway?

Maybe it's the frappuccino talking, but this possibility really bothers me. I should eat something.

Anonymous said...

well, actually, statiscally speaking, my parents are probably more likely to be struck by lightning while in Southern Africa than the dog is in the US... I think it's the different mineral composition of the soil that makes more lightning strikes per year, with a more people being struck and killed. There were two guys in my PC group that were not struck exactly, but were "pulsed" by two separate strikes-- crazy.